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Burlington English on TV business news

Burlington English CEO explains how the program meets the challenges of English instruction at corporates and educational institutions.

Interview with CEO and testimonials by educators and students.
Interviews with CEO and with college students learning English according to their career pathway.

About BurlingtonEnglish
for Schools

This internationally renowned English communications training program has brought cutting edge digital English language learning to classrooms around the world. The program contains engaging teacher-led whiteboard activities, autonomous student learning and extensive speaking and listening practice, including all the necessary grammatical and syntactic training. For secondary students, the program also has a special Indian MTI reduction component and a speech engine built for Indian learners, available in 10 Indian languages.

Corporate Recruiting and Upskilling

Your learners and employees will have world-class communication skills!
Today’s market demands top English communication skills, in order to
gain and retain international customers. India’s top corporates are
already using BurlingtonEnglish for speaking and listening skills.
Supports speakers of 10 Indian languages.

Campus to Corporate

Prepare your students for placement at top-notch corporates! In today’s college market, an institution is measured by its success in corporate placements.

Use the best in communication and soft skills online programs, already in use by India’s top corporates. Includes full assessment package, communications training at all levels and upskilling in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

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