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Communication and Soft Skills for Students

Our blended courses will give your students the communication skills and soft skills they need in order to be placed in top corporates. The courses are delivered on-site, and are tailored to engineering students, as well as other fields of study.



The online section of the program is designed for autonomous learning; each learner studies at his or her own level.


Face to Face

Trainers can deliver the offline materials, which are an integral part of the course.



All autonomous work is monitored and scored automatically, as are the
Pre Assessment and
Post Assessment tests.

The Burlington Method

Your students will upskill rapidly!

Our unique content, structure and features are the perfect solution for the “campus to corporate” journey.


BurlingtonEnglish assists in MTI reduction through 10 Indian speech engines which train the learner on proper pronunciation.


BurlingtonEnglish has over 34 Career Extensions which will train your students in their specific domain: Engineering, Nursing, Business, IT and more.


BurlingtonEnglish has special modules on interviewing skills and career pathways.

Localized for India

The basic and intermediate core courses have translation in a learner’s mother tongue, in order to assist the learner at those levels. The translations, as well as the language-specific accent reduction tool, help the learners feel at home with the program.

Indian languages supported by the Speech Trainer:

Hindi, Telugu, Oriya, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu



Kamala Saha, Hyderabad

"BurlingtonEnglish has proven to be an excellent tool for upskilling learners in the medical domain."


Monica Kumar, New Delhi

"BurlingtonEnglish has helped our foundation successfully train underprivileged youth."

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